French baguettes/Prancūziškos bagetės

You will need: 380g of flour and more for dusting 8g of dry yeast 1 tbspoon of sugar 8g of salt 300ml of warm water Sesame seeds Olive oil for baking 1 tbspoon… Continue reading

Spicy zucchini sticks with chili tomato sauce/Pikantiškos cukinijos lazdelės su chili padažu

You will need: 1/2 medium size zucchini Salt 1 tbspoon of home-made pesto(will be posted soon!) or other similar spicy mix 3 tbspoons of peas flour(regular flour will fit) Pinch of smoked red… Continue reading

Vanilla-strawberry cake/Vanilinis braškių tortas

Ingredients: For the vanilla buscuit: 4 large eggs 140g of sugar 165g of flour 1 tbspoon of vanilla 2 tspoons of baking powder For the cream: 400g of room-temperature butter 600g of sweetened… Continue reading

Blueberry-raspberry oven-baked pancake/Orkaitėje keptas blynas su mėlynėmis bei avietėmis

Ingredients: 2 large eggs 120ml whole milk 110 ml all-purpose flour  3 tablespoons of granulated sugar 1/2 teaspoon finely grated fresh lemon zest Tiny pinch of salt A pinch of cinamon  1 tablespoon… Continue reading

Caramel-coffee cake with morengue filling/Karamelinis kavos tortas su morengu

    Ingredients (round cake, 24cm)   For the poppy seeds biscuit 150g of butter 130g of icing sugar 1 teaspoon of vanille 4 eggs 100g of  flour 200g minced poppy seeds 2… Continue reading

Culinary improvisation: Spicy tomato and red pepper soup with crunchy celery sticks

Ingredients for the soup (for 3-4 portions): 3 big tomatoes 1 red onion 2 red peppers Garlic Fresh basil leaves Fresh parsley Celery leaves 1/3 of chilli pepper Salt Cup of smashed tomatoes(or… Continue reading

Different variations of homemade icecream

A few months ago I bought some cute icecream forms and decided to try different variations of icecream. I made some pops with the dairy products, also tried a simple fruit juice version.… Continue reading

Old-fashioned cookies

As I remember my childhood, I can’t forget those huge boxes of various cookies: with chocolate, minced nuts on the top or glazed with sticky vanilla cream. I don’t know how about other… Continue reading

Healthy banana breakfast pancakes/Sveiki bananiniai pusryčių blyneliai

If you have 10 extra minutes in the morning, you can make these incredibly easy and tasty pancakes which is healthy and also high in protein.  For 4-5 pancakes you will need:  half… Continue reading

Vanilla cupcakes with mascarpone cream, mint and strawberries

  Say goodbye to the spring and welcome summer! I can’t believe that it’s already here. I have a special recipe for this event. Ingredients: 200g of butter 180g of sugar 3 eggs… Continue reading