Old-fashioned cookies

As I remember my childhood, I can’t forget those huge boxes of various cookies: with chocolate, minced nuts on the top or glazed with sticky vanilla cream. I don’t know how about other countries, but in Lithuania almost every person should get my point. One day I randomly came up with the idea to actually  make it by myself. I was looking for the exact recipe for a few days, tried the best of them, changed the amounts of ingredients when I finally rooted up the best version of these cookies. And it worked really well, I finally found out how to bake golden crusty cookies with a taste of my sweet childhood. 

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For the dough you will need:
100g of potato/corn starch
150g of flour
70g of white sugar
10g of vanille sugar
100g of butter
1 egg yolk
A pich of salt
1 teaspoon of lemon zest
For the cream:
Any kind of jam (if you use homemade marmalade, I recommend to add some gelatin just to make sure it will be enough thick to connect the cookies)
Preheat the oven to 180 degrees C
Combine sugar and vanilla with butter (room temperature) until it’s smooth, add the yolk.
Mix the flour, salt, zest and the starch together.
After that, connect the butter mix with the flour and mix it with your hands unlit the pastry gets solid.
Put it in the fridge for about 30 minutes.
Take the dough out of the fridge, put it on the sheet of baking paper, press the pastry and add another sheet of paper on the top(the dough gets really brittle, so the baking paper protects the pastry from the fragility) and carefully roll it with a rolling pin until the ply of the dough gets about 2cm.
Take any kind of cookie form you prefer the most and squeeze your cookies.
 Add it straight to the pin covered with a baking sheet. 
Bake for about 8-12min until it gets golden. Do not overbake!
When it’s done, carefully add the cookies on the oven grid and leave to cool down. 
Use your favorite marmalade to stick your cookies together, leave it in the fridge(not necessary if the jam is enough thick)
Don’t forget to use some icing sugar on the top.
Bon appetite!